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Mutating objects

Dop uses ES6 Proxies under the hood to give a clear an readable API. Proxies are supported on node.js natively since version 6. On browsers are quite limited for now. To give the support you just can use dop.set and dop.del. Or you can also use the google polifyll. But doesn't work for new properties or when deleting.

Mutations are only unidirectional as explained on the slides of the home page, which means that having the same object in server and client only client will receive mutations if is the client the one who subscribed.

Remember we already have an object on client and server dataServer const's mutate the object on server:

// server
dataServer.totalUsers += 1

Now client can observe mutations

// client
const observer = dop.createObserver(mutations => {
    console.log(dataServer.totalUsers) // > 1

If client mutate dataServer server won't be notified but the mutation will still be observed.

For a more detailed documentation have a look createObserver

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