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removeComputed( object, property, [function] )

Remove computed values.


object Object

A registered object.

property String

Property of the object.

function Function optional

Function of the computed value to remove. This argument is optional, not passing function removeComputed will remove all computed values would have.


An array with the functions of the removed computed values.


const user = dop.register({
    name: 'John',
    surname: 'Doe',
    fullname: dop.computed(function() {
        return `${this.name} ${this.surname}` 
console.log(user.fullname) // 'John Doe'
user.name = 'Enzo'
console.log(user.fullname) // 'Enzo Doe'
dop.removeComputed(user, 'fullname')
user.name = 'Josema' 
console.log(user.fullname) // 'Enzo Doe'

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